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golden tree on pink

Materials :

Description :
As the name suggests, this pink colour invitation is from the range of a class apart collection. This wedding card is made up of Satin and has a tree which has Golden foil on it. Starting with the envelope, the envelope is made up of shimmery paper and has a border of maroon color which has some strip lines on it. As visible, it has a logo on the left and on the top it carries beautiful words written in center that are visible on the front page, i.e, the outer envelope which has the name of the family along with the address which is customizable as per the requirement of the customers. As we open the envelope we take out the invitation from the envelope from the top side. The invitation is made up of Satin cloth sheet and paper which is hard. And the sheet is texture and gives a glossy effect due to the satin cloth.The tree printed on it carries a golden shines as it foiled. This golden looking effect adds ice on the cake! When you open the pink color with golden tree wedding invitation you will see a the golden color, plain and elegant sheet. The inside of the invite is giving a gold color effect due to this sheet which is golden in colour. Inside the wedding card we have to insert on which hole content, i.e, the schedule of the wedding is printed. On the top of the answer first insert we have a logo with a "Slokha" which has a meaning and is taken from Sanskrit. After that we have the date time and venue of the event along with small dholaks, which are instrument used for giving beats. In English they are called as drums/ They are symbolic for wedding. Along with that we have the name of the family members printed on the bottom. They are used as RSVP, and the 2nd insert carry their contact information also.

Sample Price :
U.S. Dollar - USD  11.11 , INR 700.00

Bulk Price :
U.S. Dollar - USD  1.11 , INR 70.00

Opening :

Size :
9.25 x 7.25 Inches.

Weight :
265 Gm.

Available Color :

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