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very rare wedding card

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While wondering about the wedding cards this dawn, a very beautiful thing came across us. We see and feel this many times but each time it gives us more will to do better. We call it client’s satisfaction — it’s the moment when all the energy and resources spent and utilized reach their objective, giving us steady stream to create more.
While it’s very rare to find the lead who give us the original feedback, our wedding card and invitations make it happen. People spend at least 4 to 6 months planning for the wedding. And we make sure that we give you the best quality, and the rarest wedding cards & invite to shoot off your first interaction i.e. wedding card. Somewhere around that time people get anxious about will their invitations and accessories be different, unique and memorable. And, from that time new idea begin coming in us. We set an objective to make the grand celebrations like no other no matter what our budget is. It has been just 10 years for us, but we are committed to change the whole market.
So how do we choose a very rare wedding card for our celebrations?

Choose from lot and Visualize
Our customers are from diverse industries ranging from software to manufacturing, having huge corporations, many of which want conventional and ever green designs to young start up mind looking for customized invitations.
In order to see your wedding card as a unique and rare piece of card you might need to monitor the already existing cards. And, then think of new ideas. Want to save yourself from headache and still and the best? Visit us! We have already done enough research and have made samples for you. We use the best of software and creative minds to make a rare combination of card and themed invites. We only have goal to give you the best quality of wedding invite. The left side have the picture of a very light weight and rare wedding card, if you are on mobile see above. Apart from this website have other exclusives by Nyota.

Many other website but found nothing special? We are their! Our google ranking prove it for the same. Search “very rare wedding card” on search engine and you will feel it. As everyone knows technology as evolved over time and we have made sure we use the best quality and latest tech to make the best products, but, competitors are still using old methodologies. Go through all the card on our website because our invites are having specialties in every rare combinations.
After choosing and ordering wedding card from our exclusive and rare collection you could feel it. Our clients have said this some many times that their guest talked with them for their wedding card after the celebrations were done. So if you are choosing your invites from Nyota – A house of wedding invitations and cards you should be ready for this! Please note, place your final order at least a month before from distribution day.
Because we want to craft the best and rare wedding cards so give us that time. About a month later, you will be getting excited that your wedding cards are so awesome Hope you get a climb that will continue forever. On every display page of our lovely products we give 4 views (images). 1 for whole card and cover (if any), another for inner card with inserts, one of outer card and one for the cover. However, if you face any kind of difficulty visualizing any invitation order a sample for the same.

Brief about this card
This card comes with a cover envelope, a card and 2 inserts. The envelope has the name of our special wedding couple along with the date of the special day. Along with this, we have a design along the left border. The design is thick. The font is rare, same as the card. The card have the design just as that of the left border on the cover. But this time the design is spread all over the front view of the card. Along with this a laser cut Ganesha ji is on it. When we open the card from the side, we get 2 inserts. Each of them have designs as of the card along with the schedule/content on it. The design is customizable on choice.

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U.S. Dollar - USD  7.94 , INR 500.00

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U.S. Dollar - USD  0.79 , INR 50.00

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Refer this card to your friend and get 5% of their purchase.


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